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Take advantage of our recently launched college admissions consulting service if you are a Learner who has identified that higher education will enrich your life and will allow you to satisfy or meet your needs, interests and goals.

Emancipated Learning

Abrome is a learning community. Learners at Abrome take ownership of their education, curate their unique learning pathways with the help of world class Learning Coaches and engage with other Learners in the community for collaborative learning.


Are you ready to lead a remarkable life?

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What is Abrome?

At Abrome, Learners shape their learning experiences and unique learning pathways. They build their knowledge by actively seeking it out from their world and others in their communities

What do you get as a member?

  • Access to a community that promotes autonomy & intrinsic motivation
  • An alternative to school at a fraction of the cost
  • A space to pursue one’s needs, interests and goals
  • A nationwide network of peers for collaborative learning
  • Individualized coaching and mentoring sessions

Abrome Learning

Every Learner at Abrome creates his or her own learning pathway depending on their learning needs and capacities. At Abrome, Learners feel safe about their learning.

Learning Community

Learners interact with other Learners to construct knowledge. Our world-class Learning Coaches help Learners curate their unique learning pathways through one-on-one consultations.

Measuring Learning

We provide parents with periodic learning reviews which will include qualitative assessments, portfolio snapshots and learning pathway illustrations.

After Abrome

Abrome Learners create their future by focusing on the present. They become far more prepared for career and college than their traditional schooled peers.

How does it all work?

Abrome is an individualized, online learning community where young people upto age 18 are able to engage in deeper learning in areas that are meaningful to their lives. At Abrome, Learners are matched with world-class Learning Coaches who help them identify their goals and develop learning pathways to reach their goals. Learning Coaches also introduce Learners to learning opportunities they may not have otherwise considered, they suggest ways to incorporate numeracy and literacy into learning pathways, and they introduce Learners to other Learners with similar or related interests. Learners greatly enhance the learning experiences of one another at Abrome through participation in support groups, collaborative projects, and peer mentoring, teaching and tutoring. Finally, the Abrome learning community extends to Learners’ families, friends and people within their local communities who are willing to contribute to the life experiences of a Learner.

What do parents have to say about us?

My son’s experience with Abrome has been life-changing. At first, he and I were not too sure how a homeschooling experience with an on-line mentor would work. [He] definitely liked his one-on-one time with each mentor but he felt a bit at a loss as to what was expected of him. His Learning Coach’s (LC) gentle patience, superb listening skills and genuine interest in my son’s life experiences each week seem to have increased [his] sense of how his actions and interests – no matter what they are (video games aside) – are important to pursue. As the weeks have progressed, [he] has come around to viewing his activities and interests as being more on a continuum; he seems to have embraced the perspective that they are part of his journey and not just a simple means to an end for the idle moments of each passing day. 

 [His] LC’s tireless support of my son’s interests – whether that be of Lego weapons, baseball camp or of video production – is wonderful. The LC’s life experiences have led him to make helpful suggestions of directions to take [his] interests, which is very inspiring for my him. So far, my son’s experience with Abrome has taught him AND me to have faith that my child’s innate curiosity is the spark that will guide him to learn more in a way that feeds his interests, and enable him to know that he has the power to pursue knowledge for himself. 


Mother of an Abrome Learner

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